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A Complete Contact Center Solution

Over 800 Customers have choosen CONTAQUE™ to be their technology solution over the last 9 years. Currently we have an installed base over 25,000+ seats in India and worldwide.

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call center solutions

Seamless Integration

A. Successful integration with SUGAR CRM

B. One of the first integration with SALESFORCE CRM in India

C. Successful integration with PIVOTAL CRM in leading insurance company

D. Can be easily integrated with any web CRM

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contact center solutions

Introducing NGUCC

Next Generation Unified Contact Center (NGUCC) is a Modular and flexible world class Contact Center Solution that seamlessly integrates with your existing voice and data systems : TDM/ PRI/GSM/PSTN/VOIP.

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A. 24 x 7 Support

B. Online - On Chat Support

C. Telephonic Support

D. Onsite Support on Demand

E. Three Layered Support

F. Specific Support for Integration & Customisations

call center solutions

Serving our clients world wide


A. Noida, Delhi NCR, India (HQ)

B. Mumbai, India

C. Hyderabad, India

D. Kolkata, India

E. Dubai, UAE

F. Toronto, Canada


G. California, USA

H. Sao paulo, Brazil

I. Ghana, Africa

J. Bangalore, India

K. London, UK

L. Manila, Philippines

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a complete call center solutions

Its a flagship product of avis e solution pvt ltd

At CONTAQUE™, We believe in supplying a wide range of Contact Center Solutions with Predictive dialing, Reporting, Digital voice recording, Automatic call distribution(ACD) and IVR.

Incepted in the year 2004, The company Avis e solution pvt ltd. The growing company in software, services and solutions has come a long way. Our sole motto is to offer out-of-the box software products and high end Telecom solutions to call centers of all industry verticals.

"We value your efforts, time and money and therefore ensure that you get the finest of the services choosing us. Combining the latest technology and experienced professionals, We strive to deliver solutions that go beyond excellence."

Today CONTAQUE™ running in many industries like Teleshopping, Telemarketing, Telesurvey, Education, Insurance, Travel, Banking, BPO, Healthcare and Astrology. It has been successfully installed in these areas.These areas got 100% contact center solutions from CONTAQUE™.

Company has successfully ventured into Predictive dialer solutions in past 10 year and has deployed more than 800 plus International and Domestic center. Contact Centre Solution is implemented for Inbound/Outbound, ACD and Predictive dialing for Domestic / International call centers. Voice blasting processes and intelligent call routing has an answer to all complex queries which a customer might come up with.

"After successful installation of CONTAQUE™ old versions We has released its latest versions CONTAQUE™ NGUCC and CONTAQUE™ NV."

CONTAQUE™ NGUCC is a highly reliable and flexible contact center solution which embraces internet and open source technology that seamlessly integrates with your existing voice and data systems – VoIP / TDM/ PRI/GSM/PSTN.

CONTAQUE™ NV is targeted at higher end outbound Contact Centers and has lots of new features.

contact center solutions by contaque

CONTAQUE™ : Key Features

  • Full feature ACD, IVR, Predictive Dialer, Broadcast, Digital Voice Logger, Enhanced Reporting, Call Routing, Decision making, Web Callback, CRM etc.

  • Better control of Contact center Operations through cradle to grave reporting.

  • High agent productivity through better connect ratio, AMD & Answer Supervision.

  • Dynamic call flow generation by IVR designer and call transfer algorithms.

  • Unlimited Campaigns calling list and users.

  • Upgradeability from zero to any number of Seats ensuring Investment Protection.

  • Compliance to statutory requirements for USA Telemarketing & Indian DNC laws, Also Includes new mobile norms in USA.

  • Can have Analog, IP Phones, Softphones & PBX extensions.

  • Ability to integrate any third party Web CRM through the provided APIs.

  • Support for USA and India including the new like Telemarketing, Collection, Insurance, Service Travel & Real estate Sector.

  • Multiple database Support like Oracle, PostgreSQL to enable integration to existent databases.

  • Complete Blending available for Outbound and Inbound at the same time.


“Strategic planning is worthless unless there is first a strategic vision.”

A clear vision and mission, objectives, and business description are important parts of any business. As an organization, We are committed to provide Total Customer Satisfaction by meeting business requirements of customers through continually Improved Products and Innovative Solutions .

focuses on the following businesses

1) Predictive Dialer :

Predictive Dialer Software has made the work of call center agents a lot easier and faster. Managing data, Preparing reports and Making calls has become simpler task. Predictive Dialers are available in three different forms –
  1. Web Based Dialers
  2. VoIP Predictive Dialers
  3. Hosted Dialers  Read more

2) Contaque™ NV and Contaque™ NGUCC:

Recently CONTAQUE™ released NGUCC and NV for the next generation call center. NGUCC delivers a world-class application that automates the handling of calls.

  • Contaque™ comes with a powerful, accurate, and flexible Answering Machine Detection, a must have tool to survive today’s cutthroat communications market.
  • It is possible to run a multisite contact center from a centralized database.
  • Opensource DB like posgreSQL and MySQL and Oracle are available.
  • Inbound calling and callback gets priority over outbound calls.
  • Auto rule can be set on the call disposition for maximum number of times.
  • Offers multiple phone number dialing methods like Manual, Preview, Progressive and Predictive Dialing.
  • Auto call disposition option on GUI.
  • Preview dialing can be done as per USA rules for mobile numbers.
  • Skill wise outbound call campaign dialing
  • CONTAQUE™ NV is targeted at higher end outbound Contact Centers and has lots of new features.

3) IVR (Interactive Voice Response) Solution :

There is an algorithm on which these dialers run. Most of these dialers come along with a capacity for call blending and managing time zones. Making use of this type of dialer, a call center agent can connect to the next client as soon as he is completed calling with the client on line.

Contaque Dialer serves as a vital ingredient in laying foundation of the modern outbound contact center making it an ultimate technology of choice for Telemarketing, Telesales, and Fundraising campaigns. Making use of this Auto Dialing Software, call center agents find it easy to enhance the volume of calls, for manipulating the data and preparing reports. This software is the perfect blend of modern digital equipment and technology.Therefore, If you are an owner of call center then Predictive Dialer is must have to enhance the prospects of your business.

latest news in contaque
"Today CONTAQUE™ UCS has 600+ client world wide with 25,000+ seats handling multi skill agents with more number of campaigns. Inbound with specific requirements of skill based routing with Priority. It delivers a world-class application that automates the handling of calls. UCS provides Complete Inbound + Outbound Solutions and thats why it is further more customizable according to meeting requirements."
Team c voter with contaque
"Team C Voter is a leading South Asia's largest Indian Owned media and stakeholder research agency since last 2 decade and has also forayed into both print andelectronic media, social research, market research and consultancy services. Endevour has been to provide a voice to people and to make them count not as a faceless mass but as a group that has a point of view." To enhance their research and analysis which requires constant calling effort, compant decided to automate their calling process and has chosen CONTAQUE™ contact center solution for this.Currentlty they are running 60 seats."
contaque in brazil
"Company promoting CONTAQUE™ world wide in which Brazil is one of the biggest country. CONTAQUE™ offer high quality Predictive Dialing and other dialer modes, Inbound contact management and ACD, Self Service IVR software, Digital Voice Recording, Reporting, Multichannel contact including email, Web and Fax, and Voip Support. Our products and services can meet requirements of call center and can cater to both outbound and inbound call centers requirement."
contaque high tea seminar
"On this occasion some reputed clients of Kolkata region were present. Event was started with the introductory speech by Technical Manager, Mr. Anajani Rastogi at 6:00 pm and progressed with overview on current business structure by Mr. Mukesh Kumar and was ended with courtesy speech by Co-founder & Director of the organization, Mr. Avneesh Mathur.To increase our penetration in the market, we are looking at aligning with like-minded “Business Partners “all over the world , especially in India."


contaque client   On behalf of Cogent E Services Pvt Ltd I am writing to express our appreciation of your strong support for our organisation and services over these years on your product Contaque Predictive Dialer, We are running more than 100 seats and appreciate your tech team & 24*7 NOC team efforts to resolve issues quickly. We are delighted to be associated with you in business, all of us at Cogent E Services, looking forword to kind of support together with you.   contaque clients

-Ragneesh Singh
Senior Manager - IT
Cogent E Services Pvt Ltd


New Auto dialer compliance laws: June 17, 2014
The call centre industry will change drastically with the new autodialer law that are in place for USA with effect from OCT 16, 2013. Autodialling to call phones and prerecorded messages are prohibited except when a prior written counsent is taken. In prerecorded message We should give call recipient the opportunity to opt-out from receiving further robocalls. Moreover as per Federal law the interactive opt-out mechanism most respond to keypress or spoken request. Callers are requested to scrub against a national wireless number test and nation ported cell number list. Though Telemarketers are still allowed to manually dial cell phones as long as they follow Telemarketing roles and do not call restriction. Read more


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