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Over 800 Customers have choosen CONTAQUE™ to be their technology solution over the last 9 years. Currently we have an installed base over 20,000+ seats in India and worldwide.

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predictive dialer in india


contaque offers Call will come to agent in a connected mode

contaque offers Agent can logout by keeping the phone down

contaque offers No PC required for this solution

contaque offers All reports will be available for MIS


predictive dialer in india


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contact center solutions

Introducing NGUCC

Next Generation Unified Contact Center (NGUCC) is a Modular and flexible world class Contact Center Solution that seamlessly integrates with your existing voice and data systems : TDM/ PRI/GSM/PSTN/VOIP.

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predictive dialer india


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C. Telephonic Support

D. Onsite Support on Demand

E. Three Layered Support

F. Specific Support for Integration & Customisations

call center solutions

Serving our clients world wide


A. Noida, Delhi NCR, India (HQ)

B. Mumbai, India

C. Hyderabad, India

D. Kolkata, India

E. Dubai, UAE

F. Toronto, Canada


G. California, USA

H. Sao paulo, Brazil

I. Ghana, Africa

J. Bangalore, India

K. London, UK

L. Manila, Philippines

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A flagship product of avis e solution pvt ltd

At CONTAQUE™, We believe in supplying a wide range of Contact Center Solution with Predictive dialer in India and Outside, Reporting solutions, Digital voice recording solutions, Automatic call distribution(ACD)solutions and IVR solutions worldwide.

Incepted in the year 2004, The company Avissol, A growing company in Software, Services and Solutions has come a long way. Our sole motto is to offer out-of-the box software products and high end Telecom solutions to contact center of all industry verticals.

"We value your efforts, time and money and therefore ensure that you get the finest of the services choosing us. Combining the latest technology and experienced professionals, We strive to deliver solutions that go beyond excellence."

Today CONTAQUE™ is running in many industries like Teleshopping,Telemarketing, Telesurvey, Education, Insurance, Travel, Banking, BPO, Healthcare and Astrology. It has been successfully installed in these areas and they got 100% contact center solutions from CONTAQUE™ predictive dialer.

contact center solutions by contaque

A complete contact center solution

Company has successfully ventured into Predictive dialer in india in past 10 years and has deployed more than 800 plus International and Domestic center. Contact Centre Solutions is implemented for Inbound/Outbound, ACD and Predictive dialing solutions for Domestic / International contact center. Voice blasting processes and intelligent call routing has an answer to all complex queries which a customer might come up with.

"After successful installation of old versions of CONTAQUE™ predictive dialer, Company released its latest versions CONTAQUE™ NGUCC and CONTAQUE™ NV."

CONTAQUE™ NGUCC (Next Generation Unified Contact Center) is a predictive dialer. CONTAQUE™ NGUCC provides highly reliable and flexible contact center solutions which embraces internet and open source technology that seamlessly integrates with your existing voice and data systems – VoIP / TDM/ PRI/GSM/PSTN. CONTAQUE™ NGUCC (Admin) is a Struts 2.0 based application which eases the monitoring activities faster, efficiently and effectively.

CONTAQUE™ NV is targeted at higher end outbound Contact Center Solutions and has lots of new features.


“Strategic planning is worthless unless there is first a strategic vision.”

To be an innovative Software company that understands the comprehensive Business requirements of & delivers best of the class Products, Solutions & services to the Contact Centers, Telecom sector, Corporate & Government sector, globally.

A clear vision and mission, objectives, and business description are important parts of any business. As an organization, We are committed to provide total customer satisfaction by meeting business requirements of customers through continually improved products, innovative solutions and Support .

CONTAQUE™ NGUCC: Without PC Dialer

  • Agent will dial a login code followed by his user code and password, this will make him login into our system.
  • Call will come to agent in a connected mode.
  • Once the agent is able to talk to customer and customer keeps the phone down, Agent will get to enter a disposition code from 1 to 9.
  • Agent can logout by keeping the phone down.
  • No PC required for this solution.
  • A supervisor can keep checking all the reports & monitor the agents on his PC.
  • All reports will be available for MIS.


  • Unified Solution to take care of all channels of communication like voiceCalls, SMS email & Chat.
  • Better control of Contact center Operations through cradle to grave reporting.
  • High agent productivity through better connect ratio, AMD & answer Supervision.
  • Dynamic call flow generation by IVR designer and call transfer algorithms.
  • Unlimited Campaigns calling list and users. (Read More)

CONTAQUE™ PREDICTIVE DIALER focuses on the following businesses

1) Contact Center Solutions

CONTAQUE™ dialer is known in the leading provider of contact center solutions to businesses of all industry verticals. We provides render solutions and support that can give your business an edge over others. An enormous choice of contact center solutions is accessible in the business nowadays. Numerous organizations have sprung up in this field, each guaranteeing to offer the best services to their customers.It is totally your take to choose your services supplier.  Read more

2) Predictive Dialer

Company Avis e solutions initially provided Predictive Dialers in india that has made the work of contact center agents a lot easier and faster. Managing data, Preparing reports and Making calls has become simpler task. Predictive Dialer are available in three different forms –
  1. Web Based Dialers
  2. VoIP Predictive Dialers
  3. Hosted Predictive Dialers  Read more


CONTAQUE™ IVRS help customer to reach the right department and also make agent more productive by providing important and timely customer information at their fingertips, reducing your contact center cost of operations. IVRS can be a simple welcome message with few voice prompts to complex multi level call flows. Multi level IVRS can be designed by simple drag and drop facility provided in the application.


Voice Logger is integral part of the application, which can be used to do a blanket recording for a campaign, or the recording facility can be given to each agent in a campaign. The recorded files are saved in .wav format and can be zipped, archived and downloaded from the admin panel of CONTAQUE™.


While CONTAQUE™ dialer has an inbuilt CRM to cater to the immediate need of customers and can be customized as per the business requirements: All third party web based CRM can be seamlessly integrated with dialer application through API.

contaque predictive dialer on cloud high
"With more than 9 years of experience of installiing for more than 600 clients and 20,000 seats, CONTAQUE™ dialer is now available on CLOUD for our clients who do not want to go for a premise based contact center solution."
latest news of contaque predictive dialer
"Today CONTAQUE™ UCS has 600+ client bases world wide with 20,000+ seats. Handling multi skill agents with more number of campaigns. Inbound with specific requirements of skill based routing with Priority. It delivers a world-class application that automates the handling of calls. UCS provides Complete Inbound + Outbound contact center solutions and thats why it is further more customizable according to meeting requirements."
contaque clients
"Team C Voter is a leading South Asia's largest Indian Owned media and stakeholder research agency since last 2 decade and has also forayed into both print and electronic media, social research, market research and consultancy services. Endevour has been to provide a voice to people and to make them count not as a faceless mass but as a group that has a point of view." to enhance their research and analysis which requires constant calling effort, company decided to automate thier calling process and has chosen CONTAQUE™ contact center solution for this. currentlty they are running 60 seats in their center."
contaque predictive dialer in brazil
"Company promoting CONTAQUE™ dialer in world wide contact center in which Brazil is one of the biggest country. CONTAQUE™ offer high quality Predictive Dialing and other dialer modes, Inbound contact management and ACD, Self Service IVR software, Digital Voice Recording, Reporting, Multichannel contact including email, Web, Fax, and Voip Support. Our products and services can meet requirements of contact center and can cater to both outbound and inbound contact center requirement."


contaque client   On behalf of Cogent E Services Pvt Ltd I am writing to express our appreciation of your strong support for our center and provided services over these years on your product CONTAQUE™ Predictive Dialer, We are running more than 100 seats in our center and appreciate your technical team and 24*7 NOC team efforts to resolve issues quickly. We are delighted to be associated with you in business, All of us at Cogent E Services, looking forword to kind of support together with you.   contaque clients

-Ragneesh Singh
Senior Manager - IT
Cogent E Services Pvt Ltd


DNS failure leaving to unstable SIP : Sept 05, 2014
Asterisk uses synchronous hostname resolution when it performs a DNS lookup for a peer's hostname. As such, if chan_sip has to resolve a hostname and the DNS server is not available, it can block the SIP do_monitor thread until the request times out. How long the call blocks is dependent on the system Asterisk is running on, but can be more than several seconds. Obviously, if a large number of peers have to be resolved and Asterisk enters this state, it will be come unresponsive to SIP traffic on a local intranet. At this time, Wbe are not planning to implement a DNS cache or asynchronous DNS lookups in Asterisk. The best solution is to instead install and... Read more


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