CONTAQUE™DNC Calling Software

What are the benefits?

AVIS is a pioneer in bringing new IP Technology in VOICE with in-depth experience on voice protocols & insight into Customer Requirements. We have developed innovative solutions. Our business portfolio is designed to cover end-to-end needs of a business enterprise. The focus of AVIS’s work is to enable telecom needs in becoming the best and most used media to deliver content, information and intelligent transactions to customers.

CONTAQUE™ DNC Calling Software offer a solution for the National Customer Preference Registry data scrubbing to enable you to achieve the mandate set by TRAI. It is ideal for any Tele Calling company & Call / Contact Centers / Service Sectors / Corporates to fulfill their need to scrub the NDNC Data. The DNC calling solution automatically scrub the DNC registered Numbers & pass only the Non-DNC numbers to Dial out. CONTAQUE™ – DMS is the centralized application for multi-location companies within their Intranet or Internet.


How it works?

The National Do Not Call Registry (NDNC Registry) is setup with TRAI Guidelines to control unsolicited calls to masses by Tele calling Companies and Call Centres. Mobile and Landline subscribers can opt to register under the scheme and avoid Telemarketing calls and SMS. NDNC Database of such numbers is provided on regular basis to registered customers. All Tele-calling companies are required to filter out such numbers from their calling lists and not dial them. Heavy Penalties are levied on Companies and Call Centres if calls to DNC Numbers are carried out . CONTAQUE™ DNC call center solution ensures that these guidelines are properly followed.


  • 1. CONTAQUE™ CTI is connected to CONTAQUE™ DMS Server via Intranet / Internet
  • 2. If the number exists in CONTAQUE™ DMS, request will be ruled out & call will be blocked by CONTAQUE™ CTI
  • 3. Response will be sent through CONTAQUE™ DMS to CONTAQUE™ CTI for dialing out if number does not exists in CONTAQUE™ DMS


  • 1. All NDNC numbers will be uploaded on centralized CONTAQUE™ DMS Server
  • 2. Timely update through TRAI website
  • 3. All call request will be initiated through local EPABX via CONTAQUE™ CTI