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CONTAQUE for Astrology Sector

Astrology is one of the service sectors that face the challenge of winning their customer’s preference and trust. There are millions of agencies functioning in the same field and offering similar services. To create a distinct place for your Astrology organisation, you need to offer superior customer service.

CONTAQUE IVR helps reduce your call center’s cost of operations. It assists the customer in reaching the right department and also makes agents more productive by providing important and timely customer information at their fingertips. IVRS can be a simple welcome message with few voice prompts to complex multi level call flows. Also, multi level IVRS can be designed by simple drag and drop facility provided in the application.


CONTAQUE is a leading IVR service provider in India for agencies working in the Astrology sector. The features of this set-up include:
  1. Text to Speech Facility (Third Party).

  2. Approximate call to be answered time.

  3. Different IVRS flow for different inbound numbers.

  4. IVRS reports –digit press report.

  5. IVR configuration based on DNIS, can configure multiple IVR in single campaign.

  6. Agent login check on IVR.

  7. Call transfer, Screen transfer, Call barge in and Conferencing.


As an end-to-end contact center solution provider, Contaque offers superior IVR technology that help the client with:
  1. Integration into multiple Campaigns & skills.

  2. Full reporting on IVR Integrated.

  3. Web Service & Database query integration.

  4. Availability of full Reporting On IVR.
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