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Auto Dialer Software Overview

In the current scenario, the organisations who are quick to respond on customer query and needs are sure to survive for long in the market. CONTAQUE™ Auto Dialer Software plays a pivotal role as an effective modern-age technology solution that helps diminish human efforts and increase work efficiency. Taking your business operations to the next level- away from the traditional dialing and calling frameworks to build contact with your current and potential customers - Automatic Dialer Software by CONTAQUE™ speeds up the process of building contact with your customers.

How Auto Dialer Works

During outbound calls Auto Dialer System conveys and also gets reactions from existing clients and customers, pushing products and services, making proclamations, giving warnings as and when obliged, affirming the arrangements, meeting timetables and gatherings, giving updates, leaving the messages on voice-mail, exchanging calls to agents on live reactions and resigning the number when unanswered or busy.

Features of Auto Dialer Software

Key Benefits

  • 1Handling
    Handles outbound calls as well as an automated attendant to your inbound calls.
  • 2Distinctive menu decisions
    Alternative of playing an officially recorded straightforward message or noting the telephone with distinctive menu decisions.
  • 3Efficiency
    The system can deal with various telephone lines and voice mail boxes at the same time.