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Automatic Call Distribution System Overview

In the business of communications, customer engagement is of prime importance. When handling a large volume of incoming calls, organizations struggle with speed and accuracy. With CONTAQUE™ Automatic Call Distribution System, you can easily route the incoming callers to the next available agent based on priority and right skills. Automated call distribution system helps in quickly matching the callers in your queue to those call center agents who can assist them at the earliest. By deploying a contact center ACD, you can ensure efficient call resolution and huge savings. Automated call distribution systems for call center organisations has revolutionized customer engagement.

How Automatic Call Distribution System Works

CONTAQUE™ contact center ACD streamlines the communications process between the customers and the agents. It intelligently routes incoming calls to the most appropriate agent and thus, speeds up the calling distribution process of call centres. It works as one of the most efficient tools in minimizing time wastage and further helps in improving customer relationships.

Features of Automatic Call Distribution System

Key Benefits of Automatic Call Distribution System

  • 1Multiple campaigns
    Supports multiple campaigns- Inbound, Outbound and Blended Campaigns
  • 2Uniformity
    Uniform call distribution based on skill priority & skill level.
  • 3Routing rules
    Multiple call routing rules.
  • 4Desired Overflow
    Option to overflow out of queue if desired.
  • 5CRM Integration
    CRM Integration in skills as desired.
  • 6Freedom of selection
    Incoming calls on a queue can go to multiple campaigns based on the selection by customer.
  • 7Inbound number check
    Inbound number check as per skill or campaign.