Benefits of Computer Telephony Integration (CTI) in the Call Center

Clients in today's world expect full and great customer service, for this reason, call centers upgrade the tools to provide agents with their desired outcome. Computer Telephony integration also known as CTI is the advanced technology available. It makes a massive difference in the quality of customer communication.

What is CTI?

CTI or computer telephony integration is any type of technology that allows computers to connect with your telephone systems. At the same time, customers can perform all the other call-related activities like call transfer, conference, IVR system, and putting calls on hold directly through the desktop. Since different interaction devices are available to communicate with one another using computer telephony integration or CTI helps to permit centralized control with the aid of the united interface.

Let us discuss a few benefits of computer telephony integration or CTI in the call center that includes:

More effective monitoring of agent, department and call center performance

Computer telephony integration allows call recording, real-time monitoring, and reporting call history to manage calls and to know a better understanding of the performance of your team. To make sure that your workforce takes data-driven. Managers are armed with data to make better decisions. It helps to cultivate more effective monitoring of agent, department, and call center performance. It trickles down to the clients and translates into higher client satisfaction ratings.

More efficient routing of calls

With CTI, a company’s telephony, ACD, IVR, and skills-based routing are all integrated with their database and business tools. This allows for more efficient and effective routing of calls.

Easy Call Handling

There is no need for a real telephone to make calls and also you escape from the irritable fumbling between desktop screen and handset. In the computer telephony integration call center agents have the option to click buttons on their desktop screen to control the client calls and other activities such as call hang up, transfer and answering.

The integration of relevant caller information into a unified dashboard

Computer telephony integration allows the integration of call recording, call history, call metrics and call transcripts and other caller data such as support tickets, events, cases, emails, purchase history, transaction history, order fulfillment status, reservations, billing and purchase history from integrated tools in one unified dashboard.

Types of CTI and CRM Integration Connectors

Improve customer communication and retention with CRM Integration and deliver consistent customer service.

Salesforce integration

Improve your customer support by integrating Contaque and salesforce. You can move the deals by a customer tracking information and communication in one place.

Zoho CRM integration

Contaque with Zoho CRM integration to have a personalized experience and connect with your customers to offer them the best customer support at an affordable cost.

LeadSquared Integration

Worried about the missing leads? Well, Contaque with leadsquared integration helping you to increase your business clock speed exponentially.

Freshdesk CRM

Freshdesk CRM integration with Contaque’s call center software solution offers customized and comprehensive customer communication to cater to a high level of customer support. Improve the productivity of agents with Contaque’s integration with Freshdesk CRM features.


Contaque offers unique and special computer telephony integration to its customers with customer satisfaction as the prime priority. In this COVID19 pandemic, continue your business operations with Contaque’s computer telephony integration with a great customer experience to your clients.

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