Call center software from Contaque helps increase efficiency by 4X

Call center software from Contaque helps increase efficiency by 4X

The most challenging decision for a Contact Center CEO is the choice of a reliable call center software that would be a perfect fit into his existing business environment. Call center softwares assist in enhancing customer satisfaction by answering queries with accuracy and speed. This in turn makes calling answering experience effortless and efficient.

Here’s how Call center software from Contaque helped increase efficiency by 4X

  • Without PC Login

Contact center agents dial using login credentials, that sync with the master Contaque system and without going through the trouble of updating excel sheets and individual reports, they can easily monitor their own work. It is also easy for supervisors to check all reports which are directly updated on the MIS. Monitoring becomes smoother.

  • Customer retention with Call waiting Announcement

Customers are often distracted and lost because of long waiting time in call centers before calls are answered. Contaque’s software announces an approximate waiting time for every customer which gives the customer a certainty. This gives the company a queuing process where in maximum calls are answered per day.

  • ACD (Automatic Call Distribution)

It is used to handle inbound calls in bulk. ACD helps in distribution of these calls as calls only go to agents who are free which ensure maximum calls taken per day. It also allows calls to be connected with specific agents or supervisors with a specific set of skills. Hence, queries are solved faster and time is not wasted between calls or in call transfer.

Here is why Contaque is the only answer to all your Call center Solutions problems?

Contaque’s Blended Call Center Solutions has inbuilt features like Predictive dialing, AMD (Answering Machine Detection), IVR (Interactive Voice Response) and ACD (Automatic Call Detection).

Contaque for the past 10 years has been providing robust call center software solutions that ensures maximum calls are answered per day.

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