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Call Conferencing Solutions Overview

In the field of communications and customer relationships, time plays the most crucial deciding factor. If your customers feel that your competitors are offering them the same level of services but at a faster pace, they might lose interest in your offerings.

Here is where a technological tool such as CONTAQUE™ Call Conferencing Solutions comes into play. Conference call providers can enhance your contact center operations and help you gain more productivity from your agents.

How Call Conferencing Solutions Works

CONTAQUE™ Call Conferencing Solutions comes as an integrated feature with all solutions offered by CONTAQUE™. We are one of the few solutions providers that offer a screen transfer facility with call transfers. The complete screen with customer information is transferred to another Tele caller with the call transfer. Call Barge in facility is used by admin/supervisor for their input on the discussion. The call conferencing services for call center is designed to maximize the productivity of agents and enhance overall efficiency of your contact center.

Features of Call Conferencing Solutions

Key Benefits of Call Conferencing Solutions

  • 1Secured
    Secured process of taking vital information such as credit card details etc. from the customer by doing a conference call between the customer and a customized IVRS.