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CONTAQUE for Education Sector

The internet revolution has played its part in education sector as well. Parents and children alike have become more vigilant about selecting a school or college and usually follow a rigorous process of research and consultation before finalizing an education institute.

It is of key importance for colleges and universities to provide a great academic experience to their students and make sure all interactions with the family are productive and help in building up confidence – from chat sessions on how to fill out a financial aid form to calls from worried parents in times of emergency.

Also, a student or parent’s feedback about a particular education institute acts as a word-of-mouth promotion for the organisation as this is still one of the most reliable review formats considered among the masses. This shows the growing need of reciprocation from the education institute towards its consumers. Contaque’s contact center technology takes this reciprocation to a highly advanced and systematic level with the help of technological tools such as, IVRS, ACD, Auto Dialer, CONTAQUE NGUCC, etc.


The Captive Call Center Solutions by CONTAQUE consist of many advanced features, such as:
  1. Skill-wise outbound and inbound call campaign dialing.

  2. Web-based campaign manager for agent monitoring.

  3. Outbound call handling as well as automated attendant to inbound calls.


CONTAQUE provides an end-to-end Captive Call Center Solutions framework for education institutes that:
  1. A system that can deal with various telephone lines and voice mail boxes at the same time.

  2. CRM Integration in skills as desired.

  3. Uniform call distribution based on skill priority & skill level.

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