A Cloud Call Center software is hosted over the internet that takes less time to deploy and involves minima investment. Businesses use cloud call center software to reduce hardware setup overheads, flexibility, IT management and to offer seamless customer experience through a variety of digital channels.


Cloud Call Center Software

Contaque cloud contact center can be accessed from any location and device so that agents can access it from anywhere.

Cloud Call Center Software

With zero infrastructure investment, organizations can monitor calls, performance, volume and call distribution without any need of external team with Contaque cloud center feature.

Cloud Call Center Software

Agents get the flexibility to scale their operations up or down without worrying about high cost.

Cloud Call Center Software

With Contaque cloud center feature establish a secure and safe communication with your customers.

Our Cloud Model Offers You The Benefits Of Hassle Free, Most Convenient
Cost Effective Plans, Without Any Upfront & Investments.


  • Multi-level IVR
    Set up an IVR appointment for your callers and divert the calls to the right agent based on the caller’s input
  • Call Recording
    All your calls whether incoming or outgoing are captured and recorded on your dashboard
  • 24*7 Support
    You can reach out to us at anytime 24*7 we are there to help you
  • Unlimited channels
    Contaque’s cloud call center software solutions provides unlimited channles. What that means is that you will never miss a call because of lack of available lines
  • Auto Dialer
    Our Auto dialer software aids to streamline your calling process easily. It removes the need for manual dialing, allowing agents to work productively. Whether you are calling to take feedback, conduct surveys or for sales, auto-dialer aids agent to improve efficiency
  • Automated calls and SMS
    You can make automated IVR calls to collect client feedback, confirm COD orders and marketing ROI
  • Missed Call Services
    Missed call to get a service is an effective method of doing business. It is an awesome tool for customers. You can ask your customers to give a missed call to a number and personalize the response to suit your business
  • Conditional call routing
    Our automatic call distributor software routes calls based on the customer calls and geography of a customer is calling from or even who is calling
  • Real-time notifications
    Missing a call means losing a potential client or even missing the opportunity to solve a customer’s issue. With our cloud call center software solutions, stay updated about your business calls and serve your customer better. Get notified at the right time.
  • Call Analytics
    Think Google Analytics for your calls with our cloud call center software. You get detailed analytics on the campaigns you are running with details on the status of each SMS and Call
Cloud Call Center Software

Difference between On premise and cloud based softwar

  • Large amount of cash for replacement of equipment or for purchasing an equipment
  • Limited to the feature solutions the product came at the time of purchase
  • Accessibility limited to the devices the software was originally installed on
  • On-premise software is managed locally
Cloud-based software
  • No increased cost for installation for additional equipment or infrastructure
  • The vendor handles updates and product enhancements and notifies with the changes
  • Accessibility for a broad range of devices through web and mobile applications
  • Cloud-based software is hosted and managed over the internet