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Conference calling is a term used to describe three or more people talking on a phone call. It allows people from different locations to run their meetings over a call so they can get their job done faster. Being able to dial in from anywhere at any time of the day, it’s ideal for businesses with remote workers, multiple offices and/or colleagues or clients that work in locations, as it allows people to stay connected wherever they are. Go4Call, can connect multiple people on an audio conference keeping absolute confidentiality.

Features & Functionality

  • 1Keeping with the technology trends, It’s a mobile application but can also be available on Web.
  • 2Organizer can schedule a conference for any time / data.
  • 3Mute and Unmute : Allow the Organizer of the conference to Mute/Unmute any.
  • 4Auto dialing happens through the system to all the participants till they join the conference.
  • 5Organizer can see the Report of who has attended the conference.
  • 6Organizer can view the details and has rights to edit the conference details.
  • 7Organizer can delete the conference and exit any/all the participants in the conference.
  • 8Organizational User Group Creation can be done to save time.
  • 9Conference Joining by Automatic Calling System / Pin.
  • 10Conference Report & Logs.
  • 11Any Participant can join a conference in a running conference.
  • 12Organiser can Edit Conference Details before ending.
  • 13Participants can join the conference via incoming call by entering the conference pin.
  • 14Participants can exit the conference before the commencement of the conference.
  • 15Participants can also view the details of the joinees.
  • 16Voice recording of the conference can be sent to the Organiser.
  • 17Hand Raising : Allow the muted participants in the conference to raise their hand for unmute by pressing * dtmf on their phones.