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Contaque Moblii is a unique customizable mobile application offering which enables organisations to take advantage of cloud calling and remote working set-ups. The application helps establish a safe & secure connection with the main server for the agent’s calling needs.

Available for both Android as well as iOS, Contaque Mobili provides you with enterprise grade contact center features and complete control of your agents by bringing telephony on their smartphones.With growing concerns of pandemics, it is the perfect solution to ensure productivity without compromising on safety.

Our Features

Key Benefits

  • 1User friendly
    Keep all your reports and records at one screen
  • 2Safe, Secure & Encrypted
    Keep all your reports and records safe
  • 3Easy to Scale
    Easily Scalable
  • 4Customizable
    Save time, money and your precious efforts with automated reports
  • 5Cost Efficient
    Works with minimum cost
  • 6 24 X 7 Support
    We are always at the other side of your phone call

FAQs - Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, it can. Contaque Mobili is capable of handling various dialing modes in outbound calling campaigns as well. An agent can login through the application and can also choose to make or receive calls from multiple campaigns that he/she may have been assigned.

Contaque Mobili is able to make outbound calls in the following modes : Manual, Progressive & Predictive. Contaque Mobili is one of the very few applications in the market capable of the Predictive Outbound calling feature

No, Contaque Mobili does not make calls from the sim card of the agent using it. The calls are made from the server and all logs & recordings are maintained there as well. It supports Single Leg calling and has the capability to access phone contacts.

Yes, Contaque Mobili has the capability to access the CRM database and agents can also make changes to the leads after disposing the call. Whichever campaign the agent is assigned, all the data from that campaign will be available for use to the agent.