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DNC Calling software Overview

Contaque helps you solve any challenges with Do Not Call software Solutions by letting you upload your company’s supplemental DNC list to the cloud online. You can automatically track Do Not Call requests from inbound return calls and allow your agents to fulfill caller’s requests to be placed on the DNC list in real-time. It minimizes error in adding caller requests, which means more caller satisfaction, and makes sure you meet the customer expectations.

How DNC Calling Software Works

By using Contaque’s built-in DNC compliance and DNC list management features, you will find it simple to honour applicable DNC rules without hindering agent efficiency. It means that your agents can spend more time calling new potential clients instead of going through numbers that are not interested in your products or services. Our DNC calling software solutions automatically work with the Do Not Call registry rules.

Features of DNC Calling Software

  • 1Lead Management
    With Contaque’s DNC calling software, you can easily pick up genuine leads from third party CRM for outbound dialing to improve the agent's productivity
  • 2Drop Call File
    You get access to a drop call file with Contaque’s DNC calling feature for every skill and a separate on hold facility for every skill.
  • 3Do Not Call List Integration
    You can easily upload your company's DNC list to the cloud and prevent the numbers from being dialled by your outbound and auto-dialer campaigns.
  • 4Comply With Do Not Call Laws.
    Using Contaque’s DNC regulatory compliance and list management features, it is easy to adhere to regulations without impacting agent efficiency.
  • 5Set Auto call disposition
    You can easily set auto rules on the call disposition for a maximum number of times. There is also an auto call disposition option on GUI available Preview dialling.With Contaque’s DNC calling software you can get access to preview dialling as per USA rules and regulations for mobile number.

Benefits of DNC Calling Software

  • 1Keep your entire team on the same page
    You can keep your team on the same page so that workforce can take the right decisions in the call center
  • 2Easily alert teammates to follow up
    If an agent finishes a call that needs follow up from their teammate, they can add the call disposition code “Follow up needed” and note to the call record.
  • 3Assign custom labels for an at-a-glance customer overview
    It allows your team to gain more insights into the customer by opening their account history
  • 4Freedom to dial
    Contaque’s DNC software allows multiple phone number dialling methods such as predictive , manual and preview dialling.
  • 5Multiple CRM
    You can run in one campaign multiple CRM
  • 6User Priority
    User has the access to priority to receive the call
  • 7Easily keep management informed
    Call center agents don’t have a lot of time to dig through a client’s contact history search and call recordings for the outcome of an important call. With Call disposition codes, agents gain insights into call outcomes in seconds

Why Choose Contaque?

Contaque’s DNC calling software solutions offers Freedom to dial, gives user priority to receive call, helps your team to take right decisions. Contaque’s DNC calling software feature allows consistent customer experience and create delightful customer.