Improve and Grow Your ROI with Predictive Dialer

Can use of Predictive Dialer Software affect ROI?

The productivity and profitability of your company depends upon the rate of call conversion. However, in a contact center for every 100 manually dialed calls, only 14 reach the right person. Predictive dialers can resolve this issue of dropped and failed calls. It boosts the productivity by 150%- 400% of your contact center.

The key role of Predictive Dialer Software is to boost ROI of your contact center. The advanced, predictive dialer software with a statistical approach, has appeared as ideal solution to solve complexities faced by contact centers. Predictive dialer completes the total volume of calls in a day and reduces the amount of idle time between calls.

Following are the factors showing how predictive dialer software doubles your ROI:

1. Increase Right Party Contacts

Predictive dialer software is more effective contact center software feature. It dials numbers, only when suitable agents are available to answer. When you Increase your call volumes, you subsequently increase the productivity of your call center.

2. Manage and save time

Predictive dialer software reduces the ideal time between calls. The Inbuilt algorithm approach predicts when agents can call customers.The dialer sends a new call to an agent at an approximate time. As a result, Predictive dialer software can reduce agent’s idle time on average.

3. Real-time Feedback

A Predictive dialer software helps in giving real-time feedback to managers of contact center. The managers can then efficiently monitor performance and productivity of their agents.

4. Boost Productivity

Maintaining records and taking long time in connecting calls can decrease the productivity of your contact center. The Predictive dialer software feature eliminates all the basic problems of call & record maintenance. It places calls according to client availability. This software increases the productivity of agents by 4x.

5. Reduce Compliance Risk

Predictive dialer software not only reduces the ideal time between calls but also diminishes the wait time for inbound callers. Predictive dialer software reduces call abandonment rate by 75%. Due to this efficiency, predictive dialer decreases the compliance risk to deliver high customer satisfaction.


All these above features of predictive dialer software make it most essential software feature for your contact center. These high-quality list for predictive dialer software can empower your team to perform at their peak. CONTAQUE™ provides comprehensive Contact Center Solutions. Our predictive dialer software gives complete liberty to integrate additional features for future and existing requirements.

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