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Interactive Voice Response System Overview

CONTAQUE™ Interactive Voice Response System helps reduce your call center’s cost of operations. It assists the customer in reaching the right department and also makes agents more productive by providing important and timely customer information at their fingertips. IVRS can be a simple welcome message with few voice prompts to complex multi level call flows. Multi level IVRS can be designed by simple drag and drop facility provided in the application. CONTAQUE™ IVRS can be integrated with third party TTS and speech recognition application. Drag & Drop GUI based IVR designer allows playing of prompts, capture digits, enable decision making loops knowing if agents are logged in, time of day routing & calls transfer to agents or external parties.

How Interactive Voice Response System Works

As one of the leading IVR Solutions Provider In India, CONTAQUE™ has developed customized Interactive Voice Response Solutions for companies operating across various industry verticals.Customers can either lodge their complaints to the support desk through IVR or speak directly to the customer care executive to file the complaint. Complaint status can be tracked later on through IVR or SMS integration. On resolution, companies can take feedback from customers and conduct satisfaction surveys. Customers can easily book their gas cylinders by punching in their connection numbers through IVR systems and receive a unique tracking ID. The status of their order can be checked by either using SMS integration system or speaking directly to the customer care executive.

Features of Interactive Voice Response System

Key Benefits of Interactive Voice Response System

  • 1Multiple campaigns integration
    Integration into multiple Campaigns & skills
  • 2Reporting on IVR
    Full reporting on IVR Integrated.
  • 3Query integration.
    Web Service & Database query integration.
  • 4Availability
    Availability of full Reporting On IVR.