Blended Contact Center Solutions

CONTAQUE™ presents a revolutionary platform with blended contact center solutions to help you upgrade your business. NGUCC is a modular and flexible world-class contact center solution that seamlessly integrates with your existing voice and data systems – TDM/ PRI/GSM/PSTN/VOIP. CONTAQUE™ accompanies a powerful, accurate, and flexible Answering Machine Detection, a must-have tool to gain competitive advantage in today’s ferocious correspondences market.

  • A unified solution to take care of all channels of communication such as voice-calls, SMS, email & Chat.

  • Upgradeability from zero to any number of seats ensuring Investment Protection.

  • Compliance to statutory requirements for USA Telemarketing & Indian DNC laws, also includes new mobile norms of USA.

  • Can have Digital Analog & IP Phones Softphones & PBX extensions.

  • Runs a multisite contact center from a centralized database.

  • Ability to integrate with any third party web CRM through the provided APIs.

  • Support for USA and India including Telemarketing, Collection, Insurance, Service Travel & Real Estate Sector.


After evaluating the modern-day technology needs of contact centres, CONTAQUE™ has come up with a solution that allows agents to login into the system without the help of a PC. This quick and simple dialer solution helps in easing the job of the agents and improves their productivity. By using CONTAQUE™ NGUCC WITHOUT PC DIALING, you can ensure higher revenues for your call centre.


  1. To login, agents dial a login code followed by their user code and password.

  2. Calls are received by the agent in a connected mode.

  3. Agents enter a disposition code (from 1 to 9) after the customer hangs up.


  1. Agents can logout by keeping the phone down.

  2. No PC is required for this solution.
  3. A supervisor can keep checking all the reports & monitor the agents on his PC.

  4. All reports are available for MIS.


Reduce your call center’s cost of operations with CONTAQUE™ IVRS. This unique interactive voice response system helps customer reach the right department as well as makes the agents more productive by providing important and timely customer information at their fingertips. IVRS can be a simple welcome message with few voice prompts to complex multi-level call flows. Multi-level IVRS can be designed by simple drag and drop facility provided in the application. Our IVRS can be integrated with third party TTS and speech recognition application. Drag & Drop GUI based IVR designer allows playing of prompts, capture digits, enable decision making loops knowing if agents are logged in, time of day routing & call transfers to agents or external parties.


  1. Text to Speech Facility (Third Party).

  2. Approximate call-to-be-answered time.

  3. Different IVRS flow for different inbound numbers.

  4. IVRS reports –digit press report.

  5. IVR configuration based on DNIS.

  6. Web Service & Database query integration.

  7. Call transfer, screen transfer, call barge-in and call conferencing.


  1. Can configure multiple IVR in single campaign

  2. Agent login check on IVR

  3. Integration into multiple campaigns & skills

  4. Full reporting on IVR Integrated

  5. Availability of full reporting on IVR


To provide your customers with top-quality services, you need to empower your agents with tools and skills. CONTAQUE™ CALL CONFERENCING is one such much-in-demand communication tool that will help your agents take smooth conference calls and answer the needs of your customers. This instant, hassle-free and simple software is a reliable resource for enhancing your call centre’s efficiency.


  1. Call barge-in possible from remote location.

  2. Agents can initiate conferencing for the customer with a third-party verifier.

  3. Agents can join the conference or can go ahead to take the next call.

  4. Coaching / Whispering.


  1. Designed to maximize agent productivity and enhance the overall efficiency of your contact center.

  2. Secured process of taking vital information like credit card details etc. from the customer by doing a conference call between the customer and a customized IVRS.

  3. Easy to manage and monitor.

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