CONTAQUE™ NGUCC- Next Generation Unified Contact Centre

Blended Contact Center Solutions

CONTAQUE™ presents a revolutionary platform with blended contact center solutions to help you upgrade your business. NGUCC is a modular and flexible world-class contact center solution that seamlessly integrates with your existing voice and data systems – TDM/ PRI/GSM/PSTN/VOIP.
CONTAQUE™ accompanies a powerful, accurate, and flexible Answering Machine Detection, a must-have tool to gain competitive advantage in today’s ferocious correspondences market.


  • A unified solution to take care of all channels of communication such as voice-calls, SMS, email & Chat
  • Upgradeability from zero to any number of seats ensuring Investment Protection
  • Compliance to statutory requirements for USA Telemarketing & Indian DNC laws, also includes new mobile norms of USA
  • Can have Digital Analog & IP Phones Softphones & PBX extensions
  • Runs a multisite contact center from a centralized database
  • Ability to integrate with any third party web CRM through the provided APIs
  • Support for USA and India including Telemarketing, Collection, Insurance, Service Travel & Real Estate Sector

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