CONTAQUE™ Outbound Call Center

What are the benefits?

It is well-known that the fierce competition of present age leaves you with hardly any alternative than to persistently upgrade the level of your services by using latest technology measures. To help your enterprise stay ahead of this competition, CONTAQUE™ offers Outbound Call Center Software Solutions. Its proactive approach provides you with an edge over other call centre solutions to enhance your customer experience at its core level. Outbound Calling Contact Center Technology has been instrumental in transforming the face of customer relationship and CONTAQUE™ is one of the most trusted technology partners for renowned organisations across the world.

How it works?

CONTAQUE™ Outbound Call Center Software Solutions works in a proactive approach to remarkably enhance your company’s productivity. Its next generation features make it easily adaptable to any technological ecosphere and speed up the process of upgradation.


  1. Auto rule can be set on the call disposition for maximum number of times.

  2. Auto call disposition option on GUI.

  3. Preview dialing can be done as per USA rules for mobile number.

  4. Separate music on hold for every skill.

  5. Drop call file play for every skill.

  6. Lead pick up from third party CRM for outbound dialling.


  1. User priority to receive the call.

  2. Offers multiple phone number dialing methods like Manual, Preview and Predictive Dialing.

  3. Every skill has separate start and end call URL (can run multiple CRM in same campaign)

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