CONTAQUE for Banking Industry

The financial services market is among the most challenging industries with respect to customer experience. Growing regulatory pressure, global-level competition, data secrecy and heightened risks from external forces have never been greater. To be successful, financial service providers must face these challenges while at the same time aim at reducing costs, increasing security, and differentiating their product and service offerings.

Banking sector needs to simplify their procedures and policies to address the customer’s growing needs. In this industry, expansion is taking place at multiple levels, viz. Digitization, phone banking, collaborative banking, etc. These various touch-points are creating more room for the organisations to reach their customers and delight them with a pleasant experience.

CONTAQUE is a pioneer in helping leading banks to improve their customer service. Predictive Dialer Call Center solution by CONTAQUE offers full-fledged Inbound Solution with ACD, Customized Multi flow IVR with all the Data resides on their premises, considering complete data security. Contaque unifies the infrastructure within the organization thereby creating a single information repository. CONTAQUE™ enhances the efficiency of business processes leading to delivery of consistent user experiences while ensuring business availability.


Predictive Dialer Call Center solution by Contaque consists of superior technical features such as:
  1. Run separate campaigns on the server simultaneously.

  2. Auto Detection of Fax Machine, Answering Machine, Busy Tone and Telco Tones.

  3. The flexible architecture allows the user to concurrently operate campaigns in: Predictive, Progressive, Preview or Manual Modes.


CONTAQUE’s Predictive Dialer is one of the best in India and has helped Banking Sector enterprises with:
  1. More customer connects in a day across various geographies and better tracking of customers who have to pay their loan liabilities.

  2. Enhanced MIS reports to track the daily performance of the caller.

  3. It can also be run with third party components like telephony equipment, third-party software and CRM. The idea of delaying it across several locations can help you drive maximum benefits.

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