Predictive dialer solution

Predictive Dialer is a necessary solution for all Call centers to enhance their business productivity. It helps in quality monitoring, lead management, CRM, voice recording, multiple campaign and reporting. The integration of all these features into one software, helps enhance the productivity of your call center by automating the process of outbound dialing.

Contaque’s predictive dialer solution can also be run with third party components like telephony equipment, third-party software and CRM.

5 key advantages of predictive dialer solutions that have made it a must have for all call centers

Integration with additional features
It gives complete liberty to integrate additional features for future and existing requirements. It becomes cost efficient as a new system need not be purchased, this feature can be added to your existing contact center systems.

Compatible with third-party devices
Predictive Dialer solutions can run with third party components like telephony equipment, third-party software and CRM. The idea of compatibility across several locations can help derive maximum benefits as one solution dashboard can be compatible with all systems.

Advance Dialer
It offers smart and advanced scripting, hence the agents have access to latest and tailored data for improved customer experience. This saves time as the caller will have responses ready in front of him at all times for any querry.

Preview dialing
Preview Dialing allows sales representatives preview the contact information first via research on social media and other places. This background information helps them during the call.

Progressive dialing
Progressive Dialing streamlines the calling process by automatically dialing the next contact in the queue the moment the current call is completed. This ensures that maximum calls are taken in a day.
Contaque has the best predictive dialer software solution that offers the above mentioned features plus more.
Managing data, preparing reports and making calls has become a simpler that in turn enhances agents productivity.
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