CONTAQUE™ Tele-Shopping


CONTAQUE for Tele-Shopping Industry

Tele-shopping enterprises offer direct sale to consumers through direct-response television commercials. This industry has been constantly evolving itself with the growing needs of modern-day consumers. But customer relationship management remains a significant economy booster for the industry. When orders come in bulk, Tele-shopping establishments find a hard time handling the calls and also lack in region-based skills to deliver a personalized experience to the consumer.

This makes it important for entrepreneurs in Tele-shopping industry to equip their organisation with the necessary technical skills. One of the top call center software provider in India, Contaque, offers a comprehensive solution to address the need of tele-shopping customers. Contaque provides the best Predictive Dialer Solution in India for their multiple-locale premise which is also integrated into their Teleshopping Software with an integrated CRM.

CONTAQUE develops the skill/region based routing for their callers, from different locations with their Provider Call Identity and based on that the calls are attended by region based agents. This leading contact center CRM setup has helped many Tele-shopping companies to scale their business to unprecedented levels.


CONTAQUE Complete Call Centre Solution for healthcare comes with the following features:
  1. Intelligent point-of-contact automation, easy as well as fast service differentiation and segmented services.

  2. International Call Centre, Outbound Domestic Call Centre, Inbound Call Center and Blended Call Centre network deployment.

  3. Inbuilt features of predictive dialing, AMD, IVR and ACD.


Among the multiple benefits of deploying Contaque Complete Call Centre Solution, some are:
  1. Real Time Call and Agent/Campaign Reporting (CDRs).

  2. Improvement in agents’ calling efficiency for handling high volume of inbound calls.

  3. Skill/ region based routing the agents.

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