CONTAQUE™ Tele-Survey


CONTAQUE for Tele-Survey Industry

One of the most basic approaches for ground-level research still relies on face-to-face or telephonic interaction between client and the customer. Much of consumer behavior, analytics and more importantly, business initiatives depend on the reports collected through tele-surveys. Here, Tele-survey industries take a front seat and a lot depends on their interaction with the consumers.

CONTAQUE offers VOIP Dialer and IVRS call center for Telesurvey Industry. Under this, Contaque provides the tools and expertise such as, VOIP Dialer, IVRS, Call Barge-in, Screen Transfer and more. These tools help Tele-survey companies reach out to the customers and facilitate their outreach to the company, whenever they choose to do so.

At CONTAQUE, the key capabilities are Consistent Omni-Channel Experience, Proactive Customer Care, Intelligent Routing, Seamless Data Access, Workforce Management etc.


CONTAQUE is a leading IVR service provider in India for agencies working in the Astrology sector. The features of this set-up include:
  1. Text to Speech Facility (Third Party).

  2. Approximate call to be answered time.

  3. Different IVRS flow for different inbound numbers.

  4. IVRS reports –digit press report.

  5. IVR configuration based on DNIS, can configure multiple IVR in single campaign.

  6. Agent login check on IVR.

  7. Call transfer, Screen transfer, Call barge in and Conferencing.


As an end-to-end contact center solution provider, Contaque offers superior IVR technology that help the client with:
  1. Integration into multiple Campaigns & skills.

  2. Full reporting on IVR Integrated.

  3. Web Service & Database query integration.

  4. Availability of full reporting On IVR.

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