Select the best Outbound dialer for your business productivity

Why is Call Center VoIP software essential?Here are top 5 reasons

Outbound Dialer is an application used for call center to automate the process of dialing phone numbers so that the agents can attend to certain calls selectively. If the agents spend more time dialing numbers than actually talking then you don’t need to compromise on quality or go with an older, less effective alternative. The outbound contact center makes use of dialers that automatically dials the phone numbers in support of the agents, to boost their performance.
The explanation of each outbound dialer differs based on who you speak with.

Different types of outbound dialer are:

  • Automatic Outbound Dialer
  • 1. In this type of outbound dialer, phone numbers which are uploaded to the database are automatically dialed by the auto dialer. All the information of the customer is displayed on the computer screen of the agent. The phone numbers are stored in Excel sheets or in CSV format. Once the customer receives the call, a recorded message is played or connects the call to an agent.

  • Preview Outbound Dialer
  • In this outbound dialer, first all the available information of the customer is shown to the agent. The number is then automatically dialed after a predefined period; the agent is given time to preview the customer details before the call is launched. Preview dialing is used most often in campaigns where each customer case is complex.

  • Predictive Outbound Dialer
  • This advanced dialer can be used to call a large number of customers. It consists of a dialing algorithm that “predicts” when an agent is available, it places several calls. By this prediction, if a caller is not ready or unavailable, it automatically terminates the call. It can distinguish between a live person and an answering machine, based on the duration of the greeting. A predictive dialer is ideal for contact centers as it increases the productivity.

Progressive outbound Dialer

This dialer will place a call only when an agent is available to handle the call. In progressive dialing, a contact center agent will always be available to interact with a customer. It is ideal for call centers engaged in telemarketing.

Select the best outbound dialer that can increase the productivity and is most suitable for your call center industry. Contaque, a complete contact center Solution for different outbound dialer effectively increasing the ROI. Get your free demo of Contaque’s different outbound dialer software.

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