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About Contaque Verve

Being professional call center software provider in the sector for more than a decade, we provide you solutions that will help you boost your call center functionality. We specialize in providing the solutions that integrate with your business effortlessly. In addition, our omnichannel solution gives you an easy way to improve your customer experience.

CONTAQUE™ VERVE is a smart and intuitive contact center solution that gives your firm a unique edge over your competitor. The clustered multi-server architecture can be scaled up to 2000 seats in one configuration and is an effective and scalable contact center solution.

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Third Party Integrations

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Our Features

CONTAQUE™ VERVE is an epitome of credibility, we provide our clients with the best Telecom Products and Software Solutions that boost growth charts for a company.

Key Benefits

A hybrid solution to supervise all channels of communication such as voice-calls, SMS, email & Chat.
  • 1High Availability Set-up
    Stay connected with your customer always
  • 3User Friendly
    Keep all your reports and records at one screen
  • 2 Enhancing Productivity
    Lots of features at one dashboard
  • 4 Cost Efficient
    Works with minimum cost
  • 5 API Integration
    Easy API integrations
  • 6 24 X 7 Support
    We are always at the other side of your phone call

Why is Contaque one of The Best Cloud Call Center Softwares In India?


Contaque cloud contact center software is ideal for work from home agents, As you can access it from any location and device across the globe.


Organizations can monitor calls, performance, volume, and call distribution with zero infrastructure investment without any need of an external team with the Contaque cloud contact center software.


Our auto dialer software comes with advanced features, as a result; organisations get the flexibility to scale their operations up or down without worrying about high costs.


With our cloud call center software, agents can establish secure and safe communication with their customers as our software is designed with the latest security protocols and certifications.

Make Your Business Graph Grow Faster With One Of The Best Cloud Call Center Softwares In India

  • Multi-level IVR
    Set up an IVR flow for your callers and divert the calls to the right agent based on the caller's input.
  • Call Recording
    All your calls, whether incoming or outgoing, are captured and recorded on your dashboard.
  • 24*7 Support
    You can reach out to us at anytime 24*7 as we provide you with an escalation matrix instead of having a ticketing system. We are there to help you.
  • Multi-Channel Interaction
    Our Cloud-based call center software solutions provide your agents with the ability to interact with 3 different communication channels at the same time.
  • Auto Dialer
    Our auto dialer software aids in streamlining your calling process easily. It removes the need for manual dialing, allowing agents to work productively. Whether you call to take feedback, conduct surveys, or for sales, the auto-dialer helps agents to improve efficiency in both inbound & outbound calls.
  • Automated calls and SMS
    You can make automated IVR calls to collect client feedback, confirm COD orders, and marketing ROI.
  • Missed Call Services
    Missed call to get a service is an effective method of doing business. It is an awesome tool for customers. You can ask your customers to give a missed call to a number and personalize the response to suit your business.
  • Conditional call routing
    Our automatic call distributor software routes calls based on the customer requirements and geography of a customer or even who is calling. It is customizable to suit the organisation needs.
  • Real-time notifications
    Missing a call means losing a potential client or even missing the opportunity to solve a customer's issue. With our call center software solutions, stay updated about your business calls and serve your customer better. Get notified at the right time.
  • Call Analytics
    Think Google Analytics for your calls with our cloud call center software. You get detailed analytics on the campaigns you are running with details on each SMS and Call status.

FAQs - Frequently Asked Questions

It provides customers with an effective communication channel to report service inquiries. Customers should be able to easily pick up the phone, tell their concerns to the employee, and get a resolution rather than sending an email or visiting a shop. Many people favor this method of help over other forms of communication because it offers direct assistance and customized solutions.

Inbound Call Center Software
As the term suggests, inbound call centers manage inbound phone calls from clients and prospective customers. Due to the nature of these calls, this style of call center is more focused on customer support. Inbound call centers are responsible for answering all the requests, addressing consumer issues, and dealing with customer objections and troubles.

Outbound Call Center Software
Outbound call centers, make calls to reach out to clients and prospective customers, generating profits, and publicizing the brand are their key priorities. Usually, call-center representatives operate on databases of existing or prospective clients. It helps them to make sales and cold calls, as well as assist consumers with service upgrades.

We now live in an age characterized by speed and global connectivity. Consumers demand prompt, high-quality responses. Businesses that can provide this would be able to compete in this industry. You'll still need a tool to extend your business, whether it's on the ground or in the air. Our services have a qualitative effect on your business. With our call center setup, you can expand your business faster

  • Helps them with managing their businesses.
  • Helps them with managing their businessesAssists them in improving their level of support provided through their agents.
  • Helps them in completing different assignments and improving customer relations.
  • Assists them in increasing sales and improving internal connectivity.
  • Insurance
  • Entertainment
  • Telecommunications
  • Healthcare
  • Telemarketing
  • Automotive
  • FMCG
  • Edutech
  • Healthcare
  • Wellness
  • Diagnostic Labs
  • Banking
  • Financial Institutions

Virtual or cloud-based contact center software is the need of every business in today's time as customer service is becoming more hectic from time to time. It is important to retain your clients.It is more profitable when your buyers come back for products or services. As a result, a high-quality customer service process is critical for the company's long-term success. For example, consider what would happen if the clients were unable to find answers to their inquiries. Or if they were unable to get support for a commodity etc. These are all issues that would happen if the business does not have a good customer service department.