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Build tremendous trust with Contaque NGUCC in Insurance Sector

Contaque NGUCC is a foolproof comprehensive customer experience solution which enables insurance companies to raise product awareness and serve their customers for ensuring full proof retention.

Contaque NGUCC Insurance Solution

Contaque NGUCC is an outstanding product contributing to raising the degree of business in the critical insurance industry. Among all the insurance types, health insurance requires a great deal of information before the customer buys the product. Contaque NGUCC is a one-stop solution for outbound and inbound customer experience for customers seeking insurance products. The ultimate call center solution is practically designed for convenience; high load outbound marketing which lets the company convincingly pitch the right product with precise orientation and benefits. It is a masterstroke in the inbound Centre solution for the insurance sector as well. It offers all the necessary benefits of the major industry requirements of query resolution and information exchange.

Why Contaque NGUCC for insurance sector?

Insurance is a business where pre-sales and post-sales customer experience matters a lot for the well-being of a company. The overall completeness of the world’s best call center solution is leveraging the highest degree of trust, and brand identity. It is helping numerous insurance businesses lead their businesses with a convincing customer experience as their greatest USP.

Benefits & Features

Humane inbound approach

The full-fledged call center solution Contaque NGUCC has highly useful features like automatic call distribution system and call conferencing solution which helps the customer care agents to build their business most seriously.

Strong outbound solution

Contaque NGUCC is equipped with an efficient DNC calling software, outbound call center infrastructure and statistical algorithm-based auto dialer. It helps any business reach out to their customers and build 360° brand experience by talking and pitching up the company products and services tactically.

Complete compatibility

Contaque NGUCC works impeccably with TDM-based technology and VoIP. It helps you reach your customers in masses cost effectively and also leave voice messages automatically. It also covers all possibilities of dynamic requirements like third-party update, document verification and customer agent powered payment options for higher convenience of customers.

Why should your insurance business trust Contaque NGUCC?

Contaque NGUCC is an emphatic product rolled out by Avis e solutions Private Limited. The company has written a success story with great landmarks across all channels and industries of commerce and customer experience. The diligent tech innovators of the company are an asset helping you reach the most critical features of business and insurance for consistent growth and higher sustainability of your brand. The system engineers and solution architects are well-versed with the insurance industry and the entailing technicalities. They have bagged appreciation from some of the leading businesses in the insurance tech industry. It is our ardent endeavor to impact the insurance industry forever with highly customized, sustainable and perpetually evolving customer experience solutions for businesses of all classes and creed.

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