Entertainment Industry-Contaque Call Center Management Software

CONTAQUE for Entertainment Industry

Internet and its conveniences have been one of the latest winners in the entertainment industry. Several online lifestyle portals, Live TV channels, podcasts and such other technology driven entertainment media is creating a whole new customer experience across the world. While the online medium is both quick and far-reaching, it is also true that the attention span of consumers for online entertainment channels is far shorter than on any other media.
As this new trend in the industry emerges, customer experience gains further importance. This is why, entertainment industry needs a reliable technical support to address the dynamic needs of its customer.
Contaque offers outbound dialer, predictive dialer, IVRS and more under its Call Center Management Software services. It helps transforms the customer experience by orchestrating people, processes and touch points with unified interaction management, workforce optimization and back-office solutions, allowing you to adapt and respond to today’s customers with increased efficiency and greater effectiveness than ever before.