CONTAQUE™ Healthcare


CONTAQUE for Healthcare Industry

Healthcare is one such industry that not only deals directly with its customers but also ends up making a long-lasting impact on their lives. Unlike other businesses, healthcare industry receives customers from all walks of life, willing or unwilling to take up their services, and also, having to shell out a chunk of their hard-earned money. This makes it all the more important for healthcare establishments to offer a flawless customer service experience.

Also, peer reviews as well as multi-channel perceptions are of prime importance when a patient or patient’s family is selecting a healthcare brand. These reviews are based upon an individual’s experience with the brand. Customer service, thus, becomes your present, past as well as future business growth parameter. This is where Contaque’s complete call centre solutions can help them improve upon their relationships with the customers, or in this case, patients.


CONTAQUE Complete Call Centre Solution is a collection of extensive customer care services with the help of advanced technical tools such as automated calling software, dialer, call centre monitoring technology, and such others. These services are tailored to suit the needs of healthcare organisations and integrate seamlessly with their ongoing processes to deliver best results.


CONTAQUE Complete Call Centre Solution for healthcare comes with the following features:
  1. Intelligent point-of-contact automation, easy as well as fast service differentiation and segmented services.
  2. International Call Centre, Outbound Domestic Call Centre, Inbound Call Center and Blended Call Centre network deployment.
  3. Inbuilt features of predictive dialing, AMD, IVR and ACD.


Among the multiple benefits of deploying Contaque Complete Call Centre Solution, some are:
  1. Enhanced inbound captive call center’s call handling capacity.
  2. Customized CRM for maintenance of patient’s’ records and diagnostic history.
  3. Improvement in agents’ calling efficiency.
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