CONTAQUE™ Predictive Dialer Software India

What are the benefits?

CONTAQUE™ predictive dialer software India is an automatic dialing system that can dial multiple telephone numbers at a time. It helps improve productivity and speed while keeping the processes simple. Predictive Dialer solutions are ideal dialing pattern to be adopted or switched over for any outbound contact center to survive today’s cutthroat competition.

Predictive dialer services function through a computerized system that dials a list or batch of telephone numbers and connects to the call centre agents or sales professionals making calls. Using statistical algorithms, predictive dialer solutions aim to minimize the time that agents spend waiting in between the conversations. Besides, it also helps minimize the incidences of someone answering the phone when no caller or agent is available.


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How it works?

CONTAQUE™ predictive dialer software India serves as a vital component in making a modern outbound contact center an ultimate technology of choice for Telemarketing, Telesales, Fundraising, etc.
The dialer automatically leaves a message if a call is responded by an answering machine at the customer location but when the call is answered by a live responder (human), the dialer quickly transfers the call to the agent. It speeds up the dialling process and helps agents focus on the conversation with the clients. The predictive dialer software allows call centre agents to spend at least 50-57 minutes per hour conversing with the clients.