CONTAQUE™ Tele-Marketing


CONTAQUE for Tele-Marketing Industry

As technology is driving the seller towards the consumer, tele-marketing and tele-sales companies find it more and more difficult to reach their target audience. Also, privacy policies and guidelines laid down by the government prevent tele-callers from directly reaching their consumers.

To make sure that your tele-marketing business runs smoothly, an advanced technical setup is important. The need to deploy a superior DNC call center solution is also significant in order to maintain compliance to the norms and policies formulated by the state.

CONTAQUE offers the best DNC Calling Solution for the National Customer Preference Registry data scrubbing to enable you to achieve the mandate set by TRAI. It is ideal for any Tele Calling company & Call / Contact Centers / Service Sectors / Corporates to fulfill their need to scrub the NDNC Data. The DNC calling solution automatically scrub the DNC registered Numbers & pass only the Non-DNC numbers to Dial out. CONTAQUE™ – DMS is the centralized application for multi-location companies within their Intranet or Internet.


CONTAQUE DNC management comes with a list of advanced features, such as:
  1. CONTAQUE™ CTI is connected to CONTAQUE™ DMS Server via Intranet / Internet.

  2. If the number exists in CONTAQUE™ DMS, request will be ruled out & call will be blocked by CONTAQUE™ CTI.

  3. 3. Response will be sent through CONTAQUE™ DMS to CONTAQUE™ CTI for dialing out if number does not exists in CONTAQUE™ DMS.


The DNC Call Center Solution by Contaque has helped many enterprises scale up their businesses by offering the following benefits:
  1. All NDNC numbers will be uploaded on centralized CONTAQUE™ DMS Server.

  2. Timely update through TRAI website.

  3. All call request will be initiated through local EPABX via CONTAQUE™ CTI.

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