Case Studies

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  • Mobile App -Mobile app with desktop-grade features was designed to ensure that the WFH requirement was seamlessly fulfilled and there were no gaps when it came to productivity.
  • Lead Recycle Rules -The leads that are uploaded are categorised into 2 priorities, High and Low. The High priority leads are given preference by being dialed first. In case the call goes unanswered, the rules are in place to make a total of 3 attempts in a day and not more than that.

Features (Cont...)

  • Predictive Dialing - The leads that have been uploaded are automatically dialed with preset parameters such as dialing speed which ensures a gap between 2 calls that are made to allow the agent to record any remarks of the current call and be prepared for the next one.
  • Agent Mapping - All the agents are assigned a City and a Product. The leads that are uploaded automatically get filtered and assigned accordingly to the agents for which the parameters are fulfilled.
  • LMS -A panel was created to manage all the leads that are uploaded and for easy tracking of what all is being done and how the leads are being processed.


  • We created a custom solution comprising of two parts -
    • LMS (Lead Management System)
    • Mobile Application (The panel where agents will login through their mobile phones)
  • The LMS (Lead Management System) comprises of a panel where the supervisor is able to upload the leads, manage the leads / lead lists that have been uploaded and get a live status update on the work that is being done on them and by which agent.
  • When the agent logs in, they receive the list and the automatic dialing starts.
  • Once the call is disposed, the details are sent back to the LMS along with all the details of the call.

The Solution

  • A solution was needed where automatic outbound calling was to be done based on 2 parameters-
    • City Wise
    • Product Wise
  • The agents are present in remote locations and the client requires a WFH solution.
  • The leads will be uploaded and then automatically shared to agents who are mapped to that specific city and product.
  • The leads that were to be uploaded have to be managed and live reporting of the same is to be done.

Customer Requirements

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Contaque !


  • The Client has observed a constant improvement in the efficiency of their agents in terms of call handling.
  • They are running all communication and interaction processes via Contaque.
  • They have expanded to multiple locations and have trusted Contaque for more than 10 years.
  • They are currently running more than 3,200 agents on Contaque.

The Result

  • Contaque provided them with a highly-scalable, reliable solution running over PRI lines.
  • The option to run multiple processes like
    • Sales
    • Customer Support
    • Settlements
    • Consultaions etc can be handled
  • A dedicated account manager and support team was assigned to cater to their needs during the hours of operation.

The Solution

  • The Client wanted to handle their core sales and support operations in-house.
  • They wanted a reliable partner which will be able to handle their elastic needs without any issues.
  • They have set the requirement and needed a high quality solution with minimal loss in voice clarity for 50 agents and their growing needs.

The Challenge

  • The Client is India’s largest healthcare and medicines services expert operating PAN India.
  • They provide consultations, prescriptions, medicines and also have their own television channel for promotions.

The Client

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Ayurveda !