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In terms of the Information Technology Act, 2000, this is an electronic record document. It is generated by the computer system and does not need any digital or physical signatures.

This document is published as per with the provisions of Rule 3 (1) of the Intermediaries guidelines, Information technology Rules 2011 that need publishing the rules and regulations, terms of use for access, privacy policy or usage of Contaque

This site by the URL www.contaque.com is operated and owned by AVISe Solutions Private Limited (Hereafter referred to as, Company), a company incorporated under The Companies Act,1956 with its registered office at C-106, Ground Floor, Sector-2 NOIDA, INDIA.

The expressions ‘Our, Us, We, “Website” shall mean AVISe Solutions Private Limited or its agents or its affiliates.

The company is engaged in the Information and technology services and is the owner of indigenously invented software and original methods of business related to virtual or cloud communication services. The Company uses business and software methods to offer IT solutions related to Cloud Communication products including but not limited to Cloud-based software solutions, Inbound and Outbound call solutions. The company operates other services including but not restricted to delivery of information and content via any internet-connected device, mobile or otherwise (collectively the ‘Service’)

In case, where We have failed to offer the services as per the agreement, we shall be responsible to refund for the said services. We will only be liable to refund charges part of services that are not used by the customers. Refund is only subjected to justifiable reasons for the said unused services. In the absence of plausible cause then no refund claims will be entertained once the user accepts the service is received. We will not be liable to refund the user in cases of Outages or force majeure where we do not have control over the resolution of time. Example, Governing Law and Resolution of Dispute

The present Terms of Use shall be construed and governed under the Indian Laws, without any regard to its conflict of law provisions. All the disputes shall be decided by a single arbitrator mutually appointed by both parties. Any arbitration shall be confidential and neither You nor We should disclose the existence, results or content of any arbitration except as may be needed by law or for the award of which is binding on both parties or for the arbitration award. In case, if both parties cannot mutually nominate arbitrator, the arbitrator's appointment shall be governed as per the Arbitration and Conciliation Act 1996 or any statutory enactment thereof.