6 Doubts to clear before comparing IVR system cost

  • How much does an IVR system cost?
  • What are its main features?
  • Will it be beneficial for my contact center?
  • Are you struggling from these questions? If yes, then you are at right place.

An IVR system helps reduce cost of operations of your in-house call center setup. It assists the customer in reaching the right department and also makes agents more productive. It is possible only if you choose an IVR that is well-suited to your business’s unique needs. Contact center requires huge manpower to fulfill customer’s demand. But it is not possible to response every customers at a time.

The best IVR system cost should provide better technology which not only acts as the expense cutter but also helps in increasing productivity. Before comparing IVR system cost, make sure you choose suited IVR to your business.

1. Compatible IVR system

Before comparing IVR system cost, make sure IVR system you choose can be easily integrated with wide range of other existing software and hardware system that provides benefit to your business. IVR system, compatible with a minimum range of services, increase your operating costs, decrease your flexibility, thus more workload.

2. Speech recognition technology

Voice-operated IVR systems use speech recognition technology to clarify customer’s words into meaningful commands. Make sure you don't compromise on speech recognition technology with respect to IVR system cost.

3. Navigate customers

The best IVR system cost is optimized to provide instructions at the beginning of a call, without interacting with a live agent. This will result in zero call drops.

4. Connect to other service features

Every growing business requires huge manpower to fulfill customer’s demand. To minimize the agent's load IVR system can be connected with other customer service features. Say if customer is making an inquiry through the website and suddenly call customer service. Website linked IVR system will determine that the caller is same customer and immediately provide updates on his or her inquiry.

5. Track callers

Before comparing IVR system cost, make sure IVR system keeps the records of callers. The better you track the caller during their calls, the easier is to identify the request. Customer data also allows you to personalize the system, optimizing the experience for your best customers.

6. Follow up on calls

While comparing IVR system cost, ensure the IVR you purchase has a follow up feature. This feature is essential for better customer services. Say if your customers make appointment via IVR, the system should show notification alerts regarding appointments, payment information. In this way, your customer service agents can serve well to your customers resulting in better ROI.

The Best company compares IVR system cost before choosing the best IVR that suited to your business’s unique needs and increase the business productivity. Interactive Voice Response system is an intelligent and efficient technology for the companies.


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