Top 5 Ways to Measure and Improve Call Center Productivity

Productivity parameters have changed recently and shifted gears even more during the pandemic phase. The best use of time and resources to produce desired results is a straightforward definition of call center productivity with having cloud call center software for your company.

What is the desired purpose of having the best cloud call center software? Meaningful and effective conversations with customers. Due to the development of technology and the abundance of choices available to them, customer satisfaction has become much more important than prices and products. So, having the best cloud call center software is imperative for dealing with customers.

Agent satisfaction is closely tied to a positive customer experience. It is impossible to ensure call center productivity by working agents to the point of exhaustion. There is a simpler technique to cut call handling times and wasteful expenses to boost productivity. Here is a collection of resources and methods to aid your improvement.

1. Measuring real-time Productivity Metrics

"What can't be measured can't be managed." Peter Drucker emphasized the importance of measurement, citing the fact that we cannot know whether we are successful or not unless success is defined and tracked. The same applies to contact centers.

Key performance indicators can disclose a lot about the efficiency of your company. Take the next action.

Average Queue Time: How long do your clients typically have to wait in line before speaking with an agent? Any profitable call center should have a low value here.

First Contact Resolution: The proportion of calls that are successfully resolved after the initial contact. The FCR rate should be improved by agents since it fosters client loyalty and trust.

Average Handle Time: This is the total amount of time an agent spends handling one customer. This includes taking notes, flagging cases, and completing any work after the call.

Occupancy: This is the amount of time an agent spends their entire shift talking to customers. Higher occupancy indicates agent productivity as less time is spent on redundant and repetitive data entry tasks.

2. Channel Integration

Imagine an agent having to switch between five screens simultaneously to solve a single customer query. This will definitely affect productivity and, ultimately, the customer experience. In the world of integration, fiddling with screen switches is still like inventing the wheel if you could fly the airplane!

Integrating directly impacts agent productivity when referring to first-call resolutions or average call-handling time. This allows the agent to track customer journeys across multiple interaction points. Integrated contact centers can provide efficiency, productivity, and better customer experiences.

3. Use Analytics to reduce subject pressure

Call content is just as important in improving call center or agent productivity. Analyzing call content is important to understand the types of calls your organization receives. Based on the intent of the call, they can be routed to a visual IVR, bot, or agent. This can reduce call flow for agents and help them improve call quality. This can be easily done if you have a cloud call center software in your company.

4. Keeping the Agent informed

Productivity is not a people-centric issue but also involves technological gaps. Even if agents are busy and motivated to work, they may not get the expected returns. Improving average call handling time requires an agent to be able to access the right information quickly.

Contact centers must be able to consolidate all information, portals, and processes into a single unified platform. Agents can now provide full customer support through multiple communication channels such as phone, chat, email, and social media platforms without multiple logins. Second, agents are aware of the entire customer journey, making it easier to understand customer concerns and provide them with the services they want.

5. Stimulate Agent Performance

Many people believe that pay is the ultimate incentive for agents to perform better. Rewarding them for reaching their objectives and providing them with cutting-edge tools to realize their potential are two ways to acknowledge their hard work. Short-term (on-the-spot payment) and long-term incentives can coexist harmoniously at contact centers (based on performance against KPIs). The best cloud call center software should hear customers, who should then understand their needs—such as a seamless customer journey and better customer experiences—and take action to support them in their work. An engaging and healthy work atmosphere is the main inducement.


Contact center productivity is based on a foundation of technical and human interventions and needs cloud call center software to get better results. Adopting technology should not eliminate the "human" element from work, and adopting technology should not be ignored in today's competitive world. Keeping agents motivated and fired up doesn't come from leaning too heavily on either side. So, if you want a better customer experience, Contaque, has the best cloud call center software. Connect with us today!

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