Why Do You Need to Build a
Virtual Call Center Software?

We all rely on cloud computing technology to offer services anywhere in the world, from social networking platforms like WhatsApp, Facebook, and Instagram to streaming services like Netflix and Youtube.

There are a variety of call centers, but with the rise of cloud-based software solutions, the traditional call center market is also shifting towards a more modern solution known as virtual call center software. This software helps to migrate all traditional functions like Automatic Call Distribution (ACD), Smart Routing, and Interactive Voice Response (IVR) to cloud-based solutions. In addition, you can now use some advanced features such as Outbound Dialer and Web-based communication that use VoIP and WebRTC technologies to achieve real-time switching.

This blog discusses virtual call center software and why you should get it.

Why a Virtual Call Center?

Guess? Cloud-based software and a reliable internet connection… That's all you need to use virtual call center software. Given the growing popularity of virtual call centers, more organizations are making the switch due to their numerous benefits.Let's look at a few:

There are no Geographical Restrictions

The main feature of virtual call center software is that it is not region-specific. This means you're no longer limited to hiring people within commuting distance and can expand your recruiting opportunities.

Second, if customer support managers work in different time zones, you can extend your working hours. This allows you to provide 24/7 service.

Better Customer Experience

You can't imagine a modern digital age without the Internet. However, it's likely that Google may not always provide your customers with relevant information about your business. So when a customer contacts your contact center, the reason is that they want to do something they can't do with your website or app.

Now imagine the frustration of a customer who has been waiting for a long time at one of your customer helplines and finally decides to give up. Surveys show that 38% of customers switch to a competitor or cancel orders or services after a poor communication experience.

Increase Agent Productivity

Productivity is something that every organization is concerned about. Virtual contact center software allows your agents to work from anywhere. And when they have the flexibility to work in their preferred locations, they automatically manage customer interactions effortlessly.

An agent-friendly interface can help you better equip your virtual call center software. The API helps you integrate CRM into your software and eliminates the need for your agents to juggle multiple windows.

Lower Upfront Costs

To set up an on-site contact center, you need to consider the additional costs involved. For example, host servers, PBXs, and telephone terminals are only a fraction of the initial cost. In addition, infrastructure investments, such as furniture and basic office equipment, can bite a large portion of your budget.

On the other hand, virtual call centers do not require any hardware. For example, cloud solutions offer a suite of certified applications without burning a hole. The only cost to you is for cloud-based software, which is billed according to usage.


You may be looking for methods to lower the operating costs of your call center service while serving a larger customer base more efficiently. The best known benefit of virtual call center software is the cost savings it offers compared to a traditional business phone system/call center.

If you are someone who wants customized solutions for your online contact center, Contaque can provide you with suitable solutions for all your requirements.

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