Auto Dialer Vs Predictive Dialer: What’s the Difference?

Auto dialers were invented during the early years of call centres. They used a predetermined list of contacts to dial the customer's phone numbers automatically. With the evolution of technology, a better dialer with more complex capabilities became available, allowing for improved connectivity efficiency.

Call centres and companies have shifted to more modern methods to communicate with their consumers as technology has evolved. Choosing the appropriate contact center software solution is a crucial decision. Call centres can efficiently reach out to their consumers and convert more leads with the appropriate tools. Automatic dialers are used by businesses to call contacts and maintain their client databases. The most common advanced dialers used by organisations are auto and predictive dialers.

The overall amount of time spent on the phone by your agents vs down time can identify the difference between a lucrative business and a less significant one in any contact centre. When auto dialers were first launched, they revolutionised the business, but their capabilities and advantages pale in contrast to those of predictive dialers.

In this article, I will discuss two main differences between Auto Dialer Vs Predictive Dialer in the call center market. They can be the electoral systems of the call center industry. Here you can follow an in-depth study of predictive and automatic callers and make an easy comparison between them to choose the best one for your business.

Simple Functionality of the Contact Centre Software Solution

In terms of setup, a Predictive Dialer Software is a technically complex auto dialer that needs a lot of adjustments to be successful. Number of agents available, adjusting call drop ratio, call pacing ratio, and more are key factors of call settings, but a basic Auto Dialer is simple to use with simple configurations where calls are evenly distributed across call centre agents.

Calls connected per day by the dialer

A predictive dialling system can assist a contact centre achieve maximum call connect rates by increasing the number of calls connected each day. However, in order to minimise dropped calls, it is necessary to specify the number of calls that may be called per agent while taking into consideration the agents available to receive the calls. Auto dialling allows for a straightforward call distribution among agents with limited setup, resulting in a decrease in call connect and an increase in call drops.

Agent Idle Times

Using predictive dialer software, a contact centre may optimise its outbound dialling such that Agents have very little idle time and that their productivity is maximised. Although simple auto dialers can minimise idle agent time, they fall short when compared to predictive dialers since they do not use agent availability as a measure.


When contact center software solutions use predictive dialers and auto dialers, they may make many more calls to customers to upsell, offer new goods, and assure customer happiness. Making more calls helps contact centre sales representatives to generate quality leads more rapidly and spend more time closing deals.

There are a few characteristics that predictive dialers and auto dialers have in common. Both systems direct calls to agents, allow for easy scaling, and boost efficiency and productivity. A VoIP-based (cloud-based) auto dialer integrates with your CRM, allowing sales and support representatives to customise discussions with customers.

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