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Call Center Software for improving the key Call center metrics - CONTAQUE™

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Call Center Software for improving the key Call center metrics

According to the latest report published by MarketsandMarkets™, the Call Center Software market is expected to witness a growth of 14.9% during the period from 2018 to 2023. Having understood the importance of customer satisfaction in today’s era, businesses are now ready to make a move towards acceptance of call center technology.

As a call center manager, you may have to pay attention to a variety of call center metrics. An efficient call center software can help you improve these key performance indicators, which in -turn can help you set a standard for your call center performance.

We have enlisted some of the most commonly looked after call center metrics. By choosing a powerful Contact Center Software, you can improve these critical call center metrics. These metrics are applicable to both inbound and outbound contact centers .

~ First Call Resolution -

Addressing your customers query in the first touchpoint is crucial. With a Contact Center Software, you can improve your First Call Resolution rate significantly.

~ Average Wait Time -

It reflects the time interval for which a call remains in queue or unanswered. Organizations struggle to keep the Average Wait Time minimum. A Call Center Software can help you reduce the Average Wait Time.

~ Calls per Hour -

It determines the total number of calls handled by your call agent in a time frame of a an hour. This metric is usually used to understand the performance of call agents. Better technology leads to an increase in the number of calls handled per hour.

~ Abandonment Rate -

It is mandatory for call centers to keep the Abandonment Rate below 3%. Establishing a sound communication, requesting for hold, notifying customers that they will have to wait can help you reduce the call abandonment rate.

~ Call Center Occupancy Rate -

A This is the key metric used to measure the productivity of call agents. The best way to optimize the call center occupancy rate is through call monitoring. This help is identifying the peak call hours. A Call Center Software can provide accurate monitoring of all our inbound and outbound calls.

CONTAQUE™’s Contact Center Software helps you optimize these call center metrics and accelerate the performance of your call center. Know More about our Call Center Software >>