Cloud-Based IVR Solution for Healthcare Industry

The Healthcare industry is one of the top fastest-growing sectors across the world. In India, it is $9 billion currently and growing at a rate of 18% and is expected to hit $133 billion by 2033. The report demonstrates that the government of India is planning to spend 2.5% of its GDP in the Healthcare sector.

How cloud-based IVR solution helps for the Healthcare industry So, let us discuss how cloud-based IVR solution has made an impact on customer support.

Easy patient support

Cloud-based IVR solution for the healthcare industry is the need of an hour. Patients must reach out to the hospital phone system as a help desk. Embracing a cloud-based IVR or Interactive response system in the healthcare industry helps to create an extension number for all your patient queries or enquires with automated Interactive response system help support.

Automated service reminders

Patients forget about their next appointment, especially the older people and new parents who are busy with their newborn baby. Instead of calling or sending them SMS manually, You can shift to automated-call set up for each one and send SMS reminders for follow-ups at a time automatically. It can be done quickly through a cloud-based IVR solution for the healthcare industry. The cloud-based IVR solution is primarily working for the healthcare industry.

Automated feedback systems

As communication is a key to business, telecommunication helps it to work effectively and efficiently. It helps you to cover more audience of a large area; Plus less paperwork as everything is centralized and stored in one place, so “Time Saving” is it’s another attribute.

How does it work?

As the top IVR or Interactive response system solutions provider in India, Contaque has discovered customized Interactive Voice Response solutions for organizations operating the healthcare business. The patient can lodge their complaints to the help desk through a cloud-based Interactive response system, or they can directly talk to patient care executives about their queries and doubts. Query status can be monitored through the SMS integration system or Cloud-based IVR system. Organizations can take patient feedback and conduct surveys and campaigns. Patients can book their appointments easily with Contaque a cloud- based IVR solution for the healthcare industry at an affordable cost. Cloud-based IVR agents are available for your help to support any time at Contaque.


Contaque, a cloud-based IVR solution for the healthcare industry, is the best way to engage with your patients, especially in this COVID19 pandemic when the healthcare industry is exploring options for patients’ support. Contaque offers the best cloud-based IVR solution for the healthcare industry.

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