3 Features every Call Center Software must have

By 2010, it is expected that customer experience will be the key brand differentiator. For an organization that has to deal with a large number of calls from customers on daily basis, maintaining flawless customer experience throughout may sound a bit difficult. So how can such organizations achieve the goal of magnificent customer experience? There’s a way out there- Call Center Software. Yes, a Call Center Software can help to take a step closer to the magnificent customer experience.

The secret of Call Center Software and the power it poses to set the standards of customer experience has been the topic of interest for most organizations. According to Shep Hyken - a customer service/experience expert, creating a right balance between digital and human experience is one of the key aspects for shaping unforgettable customer experience.

    A Call Center Software can benefit your organization in the following ways:

  • Enhanced Agent Productivity
  • Comprehensive Data access
  • Seamless communication
  • Improved Customer Experience

Choosing the right Call Center Software that satisfies all your calling needs is a difficult task. Here are some features that you must look for in a Call Center Software:

1. Outbound Dialing

It's better to choose a Call Center Software that offers multiple phone number dialing methods like Manual, Ratio, Predictive and Power dialing. Opt for a contact center software that provides detailed analytics of dialing activities.

2. Inbound Dialing

Automatic Call Distribution feature processes incoming calls based on skill and priority level. Incoming calls in a queue can go to multiple campaigns based on the selection by the customer. Look for a Call Center Software that comes with an easy callback facility.

3. IVR Broadcasting

IVR Broadcasting allows you to transmit a voice recorded information. It can help you schedule a call according to the availability of the customer.


If you are looking for a call center software that provides the above-mentioned features, do drop a mail at sales@contaque.com. CONTAQUE™’s Call Center Software takes care of all your inbound and outbound calling needs.

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