Industries in which CONTAQUE™ is Working

CONTAQUE™ is a leading Telecom Products and Software solutions company imparting solutions to the ITES, Corporates & Service Sectors. We have two platforms; NGUCC and Cloud. CONTAQUE™ NGUCC is a foolproof comprehensive customer experience solution that helps to raise product awareness and serve their customers for ensuring full proof retention. From insurance to entertainment, CONTAQUE™ has a widespread it’s network in different industries.

Let’s have a look in few of the industries:

Insurance Industry

CONTAQUE™ NGUCC is a wonderful product contributing to elevate the degree of enterprise in the quintessential insurance industry. Among all the insurance types, health insurance requires an exquisite deal of data before the consumer buys the product. CONTAQUE™ NGUCC is a one-stop solution for outbound and inbound patron experience for clients seeking insurance products.


Several online lifestyle portals, Live TV channels, podcasts, and such other technology-driven leisure media are growing a whole new patron experience across the world. While the online medium is both quick and far-reaching, it is also true that the attention span of shoppers for on-line entertainment channels is far shorter than on any other media. CONTAQUE™ offers outbound dialer, predictive dialer, IVRS and more beneath its Call Center Management Software services. It helps transforms the customer experience by orchestrating people, processes and contact points with unified interaction management, personnel optimization, and back-office solutions, allowing you to adapt and reply to today’s customers with improved efficiency and higher effectiveness than ever before.


The Telecom Sector is one of the fastest developing industries in contemporary millennium. This makes it very necessary for Telecom industry entrepreneurs to enhance their patron relationships. CONTAQUE™ presents Automatic Dialer Software for Telecom Industries. At CONTAQUE™, the key capabilities are Consistent Omni-Channel Experience, Proactive Customer Care, Intelligent Routing, Seamless Data Access, Workforce Management, etc.

Auto Dialler

A right dialer software is much more than just an automatic dialing solution, as it brings intelligence and analytical insights to the outbound calling process to enhance call center efficiency and improve agent productivity. Call centers are not just for providing reactive customer service but are also increasingly used for generating revenue for the business. Outbound call centers include various operations like Lead Generation, Inbound Lead Conversion, Up-Sell, and Cross-Sell. To overcome these constraints, call center dialers are installed for automating the dialing process to accelerate operational efficiency by increasing talk time per hour.


CONTAQUE™ Complete Call Centre Solution is a collection of extensive customer care services with the help of advanced technical tools such as automated calling software, dialer, call center monitoring technology, and such others. These services are tailored to suit the needs of healthcare organisations and integrate seamlessly with their ongoing processes to deliver the best results.

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