4 Key advantages of Auto Dialer Software

Wonder what is the importance of Auto dialer software? Auto Dialer software conveys and also gets reactions from existing clients and customers during outbound calls by making proclamations. It alerts when obliged, affirming the arrangements, meeting timetables and gatherings, giving updates, leaving the messages on voice-mail, exchanging calls to agents on live reactions and resigning the number when unanswered or busy.

Auto Dialer Software is a necessary solution for all Contact centers to increase their business productivity. It helps in quality monitoring, managing leads, Customer Relationship Management, voice recordings, multiple campaign and reporting. All these features are integrated into one software, to help enhance the productivity of contact center. It automates the process of outbound dialing.

4 key advantages of auto dialer software:

1. Integration with additional features

You can integrate additional features with existing requirements. Auto dialers help call centers in cost optimization since new system need not be purchased, this feature can be added to your existing contact center systems.

2. Compatible with third-party devices

The auto-dialer technology merges seamlessly with any existing telephone infrastructure or technology and can run with third party components like telephony equipment to integrate with the normal call center solutions like call activation of call recording devices. Auto dialers help derive maximum benefits as one solution dashboard can be compatible with all systems.

3. Blend calls

Auto-dialers can blend calls effectively by executing combinations of incoming and outgoing calls simultaneously. They also provide several other progressive calling facilities. Managers are able to track and analyze the call activities and related statistics of all the employees in the organization.

4. Progressive dialing

Progressive Dialing includes automatically dialing the next contact in the queue as soon as the current call is completed. This ensures maximum calls are taken in a day.


CONTAQUE™ has the best Auto dialer software solution that offers the above mentioned features plus more. Managing data, preparing reports and making calls has become a simpler that in turn enhances agents productivity. CONTAQUE™’s Auto dialer solution can also be run with third party components like telephony equipment, third-party software and CRM.

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