Top 7 factors to consider when choosing call center software

Choosing the best call center software for your business can sometimes be a daunting task. But it doesn't have to be. Considering the following factors, you are choosing the right cloud call center software for your team.

Below are top 7 factors to consider when choosing call center software.

1. Call center software type

There are four main types of call center software and they can vary significantly in terms of cost, ease of use, deployment time, security, reliability, and uptime.

  • On-site call center software
  • Hosted call center software
  • Cloud based call center software
  • Browser-based call center software

Be sure to carefully consider which type fits your business needs. This greatly narrows your choice of potential options so you can move forward in your search for the best.

2. Experience

If your company produces software that specializes in supply chain management, but the vendor call centers have experience with computer architecture software for university researchers, they may not be the best fit. It would take a long time to do proper training. On the other hand, if you want to switch vendors because your current one can't get the job done, it may be best to take a look once again at your requirements to identify problems and optimize performance.

3. Cost

Obviously, you want to choose the best performing seller at the lowest price. However, when estimating costs, make sure everything is clear. Be sure to get all cost estimates from competing sellers for easy comparison, and call for more information if there is a discrepancy (if your bid is much lower or much higher). When negotiating with an international seller, be sure to note the differences between taxes and currency.

4. Real-time monitoring

Real-time monitoring is an important function for monitoring the overall activity of a call center. Through real-time customizable dashboards, your instructors have instant access to all key metrics, allowing them to make quick decisions: agents are online, customers are waiting, agents are available or paused, and more. Other surveillance techniques - discreet listening, whispering, conferencing, internal conversation - allow agents to improve their efficiency and effectiveness.

5. Reporting

Average response time, AHT (Average Handle Time), FCR (First Contact Resolution), CRR (Customer Retention Rate), and average response rate are among the many key performance metrics that tell you about your customer's quality. service. To optimize KPIs, rich reports are an important tool for monitoring customer satisfaction and should be an important factor in choosing a call center solution.

6. Scalability

When choosing the perfect call center software solution, make sure it is right for your business. Here are some questions to ask your call center software provider:

  • Can I add and remove agents in seconds?
  • Am I charged monthly for each agent? Is it proportionally distributed for flexible agents?
  • Do I only charge for the minutes I use? Do I have to buy minutes wholesale?
  • Can your system handle my call volume? How about the holidays?
  • Do you offer unlimited simultaneous calls?
  • Can I add, remove, and customize features myself, or does your team have to do it for me?
  • How often do I need to download new software, update software, or install plug-ins?

If you're talking to a sales representative and you don't like the answer to one of these questions, move on to the next software solution. There are many.

7. Security and Cloud

There may be many reasons why it may be wise to consider a cloud-based call center vendor. Cloud installation is much faster and cheaper than in-person installation. With today's technology, call center vendors offer their services both on-premises and on the cloud. Just be sure to research disaster recovery and redundancy security measures. A local vendor will serve you well if you have a reasonable number of agents or if you are skeptical about the security offered by a cloud vendor. A cloud-based vendor is best for your business if you have quite a few agents working on multiple sites. Many top executives tend to move to the cloud because it's also fairly easy to implement.


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