Why to chose CONTAQUE™?

CONTAQUE™ is a leading Telecom Products and Software solutions company imparting solutions to the ITES, Corporates & Service Sectors. We have two platforms; NGUCC and Cloud. CONTAQUE™ NGUCC is a foolproof comprehensive customer experience solution that helps to raise product awareness and serve their customers for ensuring full proof retention. From insurance to entertainment, CONTAQUE™ has a widespread it’s network in different industries.

Some of the features that CONTAQUE™ have are:

Blended Call Center Solutions

With a blended call center solution, agents can seamlessly handle each inbound and outbound calls, reducing the idle times. It also permits the sellers to move to and fro between inbound call queues and outbound calling lists.

Predictive Dialler

As any company knows, sales acceleration requires a cautious approach rather than a blind or random approach. With a predictive dialing solution, brands may additionally optimize the sales process on the voice channel through contacting potential leads with larger precision and efficiency, decreasing operational costs, using agent efficiency, and eventually increasing sales and client satisfaction via engaging the most eager customers.

Call center software

If you want to offer clients magnificent telephone support, you will need an effective call center software program that supports your service team. Without software, customers will be left waiting on hold while agents combat to answer queries. Supervisors might not be able to control the chaos because they won't have any insight into name quantity or trends.

Auto Dialler

A right dialer software is much more than just an automatic dialing solution, as it brings intelligence and analytical insights to the outbound calling process to enhance call center efficiency and improve agent productivity. Call centers are not just for providing reactive customer service but are also increasingly used for generating revenue for the business. Outbound call centers include various operations like Lead Generation, Inbound Lead Conversion, Up-Sell, and Cross-Sell. To overcome these constraints, call center dialers are installed for automating the dialing process to accelerate operational efficiency by increasing talk time per hour.

Call Conference Solution

We are one of the few solutions providers that offer a screen transfer facility with call transfers. The complete screen with customer information is transferred to another Tele caller with the call transfer. The call conferencing services for the call center is designed to maximize the productivity of agents and enhance the overall efficiency of your contact center.


These are the features that make CONTAQUE™ different from other Call Center Solution software and make it stand out in the field of CONTACT CENTER SOLUTIONS. Get in touch with our experts today! >>>>

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